Ringen, Skanstull Stockholm

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Markus Tungården AMF Fastigheter

Markus Tungården, Leasing Manager Retail Mood District

Anna Hammarbäck Lind AMF Fastigheter

Anna Hammarbäck Lind, Leasing Manager Retail, Ringen and Södermalm

Kenneth Jävervall AMF Fastigheter

Kenneth Jävervall, Leasing Manager Retail, Gallerian

Helena Sahlborn AMF Fastigheter

Helena Sahlborn, Leasing Manager Retail, Västermalmsgallerian

Uthyrare Yasemin Fallai AMF Fastigheter

Yasemin Fallai, Leasing Manager Retail, Fältöversten

Alice Leffler uthyrare AMF Fastigheter

Alice Leffler, Leasing Manager, Pop up and Pop up activation

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